Quality for generations

The issue of sustainability has always been close to our hearts. Boker knives are not short-lived products, and we substantiate this with our unconditional quality standards for our knives, which we have stood for – for 150 years – with a lifetime guarantee on our products. We feel committed to our environment and try to be responsible and sustainable with it every day. We attach great importance to high-quality and sustainable raw materials and prefer to work together with local partners and suppliers who also represent these values.

Warranty conditions

The Heinr. Böker Baumwerk GmbH grants you as an owner of a boker-knife (Boker, Boker Plus, Boker Arbolito, Magnum) a lifetime warranty on material and workmanship. The warranty includes spare parts and employment costs. Signs of usage, re-sharpening and damages, which came from the lack of care, dismantling or rather disassemble from the knife or improper use aren`t covered by the warranty. A knife is a cutting tool and not a screwdriver, lever tool, chisel or a crowbar. If any problems should occur with your knife, please contact us. We will be glad to help you. All other products are liable to the implied warranty of 24 months. Of course we provide a sharpening and repair service outside the warranty terms. Should your knife be damaged by external influence or it needs a restauration, please feel free to contact us.

Resharpening service

The re-sharpening and the sharpening of knives from our production (Boker Manufactory Solingen) and knives from Boker Manufactory (e.g. Boker Ceramic knives and Boker Forge) is free. You only have to pay for the return consignment. Other manufactured Ceramic knives you can also send us in to sharpening, the prices are between 24.- and 35.- Euro including VAT. A strip of knives with steel blade depending on blade type between 10.- and 20,- Euro including VAT.